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Product Review || Mysha Rejuvenating Mask

Product Review || Mysha Natural Collagen Rejuvenating Mask

Hello good looking. Yes you.

I’m so excited about today cause it’s Sunday and what better way to spend your Sunday other than to take care of yourself?

A few Sundays back, I got the Mysha natural collagen rejuvenating mask from our Bloggers’ Brunch (view here). I’m not really keen on skin care products for I believe I have got a clear skin. I hardly have breakouts and neither do I have any visible spot on my face. But then I decided to give this mask a try.

In my Opinion


This product is a facial mask that you literally wear. It’s not one of those whereby you have to rub on. It contains Glycerine, Betaine, Aqua, Sodium Biocabonate among others. The main reason I decided to give this a shot was because Aqua ( water) was listed as the very first ingredient, which, is very important for natural products.

It smells really good. The plus side, the smell is not something strong that would choke you when you put it on.

It’s a wet mask and sort of has a cold feeling.

In their words “This collagen mask nourishes and rejuvenates the skin through a rich, moisturizing blend of natural oils. With each mask containing 25ml of essence, it effectively protects and revitalizes your skin— leaving it softer, younger-looking and more radiant.”

Mysha Mask
Mysha Mask


The mask tickled while I put it on cause it felt cold. After applying the mask on face and smooth it down with my fingers, it started to tingle. Itchiness was slightly felt but it was nothing so serious. It felt like I could feel the action of the mask taking place on my face.

I left on the mask for exactly twenty (20) minutes, took it off and disposed immediately. I still had a lot of the lotion from the mask on my face, although, on the pack, it says to massage in any remaining lotion, I felt it was way too much so I wiped it off.Mysha x Tofunmi Disu


After all the “serenre” I did with my face, I could feel my face revived. My face did feel better, look cleaner and younger. My face did feel smooth and relaxed.


I would recommend Mysha rejuvenating mask to people who are interested and are looking for something to help even out their face.

Personally, I didn’t like the fact that it had too many lotion on the mask

Also, I wasn’t comfortable with the tingly feeling.

It’s just me personally, some people might not mind the quantity of the lotion and the tingly feeling.

Mysha Rating


You could reach out to them on Instagram (here)

You could also read a review by Vincent of Quirks & Outfits (here)

Have you tried the Mysha Rejuvenating Mask?

What was your experience like?

If you haven’t tried it, would you want to?

How are you spending your Sunday?

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