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Tofunmi Disu

You’ve probably been wondering who this Tofunmi Disu of a person is and who gave her the right to say or do whatever it is she is doing. Oh well, guess what, I’m Tofunmi Disu and I do not care. Here are a few weird facts that almost nobody knows about me, unless you are my really close friend.

Weird Facts

  1. I am a tomb boy. Urrr, how is this even possible? I wear dresses, heels, jewelry,skirts, you could name them all. Deep down, I’m a tomb boy. Growing up, I was literally the only girl among a bunch of guys (siblings and cousins) we would play football together and do all the boyish things together and I loved it, think I just grew into that and hanging around guys so much. They are so reeaaalll.
  2. I’m a very old soul. what does that even mean? I really do not think I can explain that to your satisfaction or understanding… oh well, I guess that’s that.
  3. Tofunmi gets into trouble a lot due to my smart mouth. I’m not supposed to get into trouble since I’m smart but trust me, being “overly” smart has it’s downside.
  4. I get bored easily. I really can’t spend so much time concentrating on something. I’m a restless soul. I lose interest real quick, like poof! you lost me.
  5. I happen to be so madly in love with music. I could listen to music all day, all night and never ever ever get bored of it. I listen to music when I eat, sleep, take a bath, breathe, basically every time. I listen to music even when I’m deep in the pool swimming, that’s a lie because I cannot swim and I have fear for the waters. No jokes.
  6. I talk to myself almost every now and then. I’m like the best listener ever to be created in the history of mankind. I don’t talk to people, I have issues doing that. It’s like there’s really no one to talk to that would understand what it is I’m saying or where I’m coming from but myself. It’s crazy, right? or I’m I crazy? Oh well, we’d never know.
  7. Eating! Always eating. who would believe that? I look so skinny/fit and yet I’m always eating? That’s so not possible. Well munchkins, it is the truth and nothing but the truth.
  8. I find it very difficult to keep the same hairstyle for up to 3 days, no jokes, except it’s my natural hair, I have a hard time with it, braids especially. Hence, the reason you see me most times either with my natural hair or a million other styles in the space of a week or two.
  9. Belching , hmm, I do this almost every time. When I eat, when I don’t eat, as long as I’m breathing, oh yeah, I am definitely going to belch at some point.
  10. I really do not like bright colors. Pink and Yellow is a no no for me. Maybe someday I’d grow to like them, but for now, no way.
  11. I’m a sucker for romance. No jokes. You might see me as the hardcore babe who isn’t easily moved. “All na wash” it’s just default.
  12. The fastest way to my heart is through shoes and bags, well, maybe after food and clothes and accessories and… well you understand.
  13. I’m a popular loner. I am known by quite a number of people and I know a bunch but I am a loner. Most times if not all, you’d find me alone.
  14. I’m obsessed with white and Black.
  15. The final weird thing about me for today is the fact that I am Tofunmi Disu. That alone, in it’s self is a weird thing.

In all of these, I love me just this particular way and I have embraced my uniqueness. You should learn to love yourself despite your flaws, that way, no one can hurt you or make you feel bad about yourself.

I have had these written down for over a year, no jokes. I got inspired to publish this when I read a similar post from Salmah of Dear Salmah Thank you!

You can also read that of Alice of THEDAKOALICE

What do you think about these facts?

Do you consider them weird or just normal?

I’m open to getting to know you more, so please leave a thing or two about yourself below

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11 thoughts on “Get To Know Me || 15 Weird Facts”

  1. Lol, Oya come and take your “weird and proud” award… I think I am almost all of these things (almost all creatives have the same problems) except for the music and the always eating part.. I don’t like music and I talk food (my IG page is filled with food pictures) yet, I barely eat. Sometimes, I forget to eat,my mom has to remind me. The popular loner type is me… Weird I talk to so many people, yet love my me time too much. People who have come in contact with me may find this weird but I like my space too much… Lol, let me not launch another blog post on your page… Lovely article and that featured image, too gorgeous 😍😍

  2. My two favorite colors are not your favorite colors?? Girl Nawa for you oo! Anyway, I’m low key having a crush on your natural hair and how you wear it.

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