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Yaay! Summer is finally here, although, with this our Nigerian weather that is very unpredictable (constantly joggling between being rainy or sunny) I am very excited about summer. Everyone is around, all my friends and family that have been out of the country for a while decide to come back home, every where just becomes very bubbly. Lol. That’s enough reason to be excited! 

Due to all the numerous activities that would be going on, these keep us outdoor and in the sun for most of the day. We all want to get that summer glow/tan, get that MELANIN POPPING skin and just look flawless. Getting that, wouldn’t be so easy due to the dry weather and the harsh sun and so much of exposing our body to it while we want to look sexy and flaunt that bikini/beach body. oshey!  I have curated a few tried and trusted ways in which you could keep your skin flawless this summer! 

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This might appear to be a very obvious thing to do but majority  really do not do this (I’m very much guilty). Being out in the sun, our body gets dehydrated faster than any other period of the year. Knowing that our body contains 2/3 water, we need to constantly refuel hydrate. Drinking enough water keeps your body hydrated (obvious much) and keeps your skin moisturized which would help avoid any form of skin breakage. 


 story for the gods sugar really isn’t good for the skin, but then, it’s summer. What better thing to do while chilling and hanging out with friends other than have drinks! what’s the whole point? My dear, I know how you feel, See ehn, I’m not saying you shouldn’t having drinks and all, I’m just saying to be on the safe side of having a beautiful skin, you shouldn’t take so much sugar. You understand baa? Good.


 You really don’t need me to be telling you this, neither is this even up for a debate. Like, I owe you no explanations for this. Just do it! In short, let me rephrase

You must apply sunscreen on your skin before you go anywhere this summer! 


 when I say run, I literally mean run. Avoid the use of heavy makeup. The weather is hot and dry, you would need to provide space for your skin to breathe. This period, you tend to sweat a lot, so your pores would need a lot of air. I’d say don’t wear makeup, but if you must, it should just be a little and not so much. Also, do not forget to clean up your brushes and clean off your make-up before bed.


 obviously who doesn’t already know this. Everyone knows you’re supposed to take your bath at least twice a day but how many people really do this. Sometimes, when I’m home all day and don’t get up to much, I tend to take my bath just once or not at all in a day. It’s summer and that’s not allowed because it’s summer, you’re going to sweat, be outdoor in the sun, play around with people. All of these exposes you to bacteria and also clogs your pores. So please, take your bath.


it’s healthy, sweet, natural source of sugar, keeps you hydrated although, can’t be used as water replacement, it is also a source of anti bacteria and has got so many other benefits I can’t begin to mention.


Although with this our very unpredictable weather in Lagos, whereby it is mostly rainy,  we could still apply these few tips listed above to get that flawless skin this season.

What are your beauty tricks to keep your skin flawless?

what products do you use or what’s your beauty regime like?

I would love to know how you keep your skin healthy through out summer and maybe I could learn a thing or two from you

Do feel free to share your thoughts

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