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5 most admired bloggers

As we all know, the blogging world is a really huge one and we’ve got a lot of people joining the blogging community in a day. I’m a new blogger and still new to the whole blogging platform and so, I constantly read blogs to keep myself updated and also to learn a few things. I have bloggers I look up to and admire their work and efforts and this post is all about them.

This is a post to highlight my favorite bloggers currently and to let them know that their work is being seen and appreciated and they are not being taken for granted.

I constantly go through their website on a daily basis even though they do not post every day, for me, there’s just always something to go back for and I always find inspirations from their blogs. I practically stalk their blogs (shu, don’t tell them o). This list is written in no order of preference for I love them all.Must See! 5 most admired Female Bloggers steady killing it Click To Tweet

Bloggers I Admire

  1. Cassandra Ikegbune of Cassie Daves : Cassie is a fashion, life and style blogger and to top it up, she is a medical doctor! Cool right? I know. Despite being a medical doctor, Cassie has found a way to be really stylish and also invest so much time and effort into her blog with the aim to connect with, inspire and help people create their best life.

    Why I admire Cassie:

    Her style is really simple and yet fashionable. Reading her blog just really makes me feel connected to her and it also shows that no matter the profession you’re currently in, you could do as many things as you want and also pursue your dreams. She says

    I am learning every day to live and let live, to let go of the past and focus more on whats in front, to love, to laugh more, give more, be more, to be thankful for the little things, to be totally and unashamedly Me. But most importantly to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire and not terrify me. 

    So please tell me why I wouldn’t admire someone like this!

  2. Asiyami of Asiyami Gold : Asiyami is a lifestyle and travel blogger. She is also a photographer and a designer. She is what I would call a melanin goddess. She’s also one of the bloggers I would so love to travel with. If you’ve got an eye out for photography and rare fashion style, you should totally check out her blog.

    Why I Admire Her

    Heeellllo!!! Have you seen her Instagram feed. Oh please, that is enough reason to admire her. Look at her instagram page alone, you would know she means business and is not even here to joke at all. Enough said.

  3. Maryam Salam of Fashionbydaisy : Maryam is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who gives blogging and business tips. She is also the founder of The Blogger Point a blogging agency for Nigerian bloggers which connects bloggers to different brands and much more.

    Why I admire Maryam

    She is really bold with her style and she’s just got an aura you’d definitely fall in love with. She’s got a really cool personality. I love the fact that no matter what, you do know that you’d definitely learn something from her be it in business or in blogging. Also, she does things that I would want to do but ain’t bold enough to.

  4. Deola of OmogeMuRa : Deola is a lifestyle and beauty blogger, also the brains behind the OmogeMura brand. She keeps us updated on her style and her journey through Lagos. She’s also got a YouTube channel where she shares her beauty faves, makeup tutorial, vlogs and so much more.

    Why I Admire Her

    I admire D3ola ( that’s how she writes “Deola”) because she is really down to earth and has managed to stay grounded ( It’s a compliment). What you see, is basically what you get with her, zero filters.


Toyosi of Toyosi Gregory Jonah : She is a Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blogger. To top it up, She is a proud mum of two amazing boys. Irrespective of her being a mother and a beautiful wife, she has found time to share her life and lessons with the world. She also owns a fashion store Desire1709Fashion where you could get the latest fashion trends at affordable prices.

Why I Admire Toyosi:

Toyosi is someone that I really look up to for advice and I know she will always be there. I love her writing and the way she expresses herself through her blog. Her sense of style is crazy and I love the fact that she doesn’t let being a mum stop her from pursuing what she believes in.

This is just my little way of telling these beautiful woman that I appreciate them and I’m a huge fan of their work. If you notice, all of these women have got really great sense of style. They also are not afraid to go after what they want and do so their own way. Keep up the great job guys and I hope you all get to read this.

Do you have any females in which you admire their work?

Got people who you really appreciate what they have been getting up to?

Please mention them in the comment below!

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