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Hello guys,  welcome to my blog! I know I have been away for a long time. The break was very much needed by me. I wasn’t only away from here, I was also away from all my social media platforms. The moment I was away, I reflected on my life and made new decisions to help me grow as a blogger and also as a person and my bucket list as well. I did a lot of reading and research, also, a lot of reconstruction.

All the while I was away, I had you in mind, thinking of ways in which I could serve you better, make reading more enjoyable for you and also, help you connect better with me.

I have decided to start a new blog, and changed the entire design from my former blog. For those of you who aren’t new here, I’m sure you can see the difference and hope you like this better. For those that are new here, I hope you enjoy my blog.

On my being away from the blog and social media, I drew up a list of things (bucket list) I’d love to do in the next couple of years and I decided to share that here. Like what people would call it, this, is my current “Bucket List”In need of what to add to your bucket list? This would definitely give you some ideas! Click To Tweet

Bucket List

  1. Start a business: This is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time now and each time I tried to start up one, something always went wrong and I’d just give up, I really don’t know why. It has to be something in the fashion industry, probably open up a store or I start designing my own items. I finally got this done, well, I started my first business and I ain’t going to stop here. It’s a jewelry e boutique. Click here to shop.
  2. Create a YouTube channel and actually post up videos: I cannot count the amount of times I have created a YouTube channel and had to delete it after because I have refused to post up videos. I hope I’d finally gather up the courage to post up a videos. Looking up to the likes of Ronke Raji, Uwani Aliyu, Toni Olaoye, among others. 
  3. Explore Lagos to the fullest: I love Lagos, I am from Lagos and I have lived in Lagos my whole life but you wouldn’t believe it when I say I have not explored not up to a fraction of Lagos. To help me get this done, I also created a list of adventures to take in Lagos. I would be posting that up later in the blog.
  4. Explore Nigeria: I’ve got some Nigerian Tourist Centers I would love to visit, go to different states and learn their culture, eat their food, gain loads of experiences from traveling around the country and just sight see. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t be leaving you behind, I shall document all my travels in my “Itchy Feet Diary” which I’d be introducing to the blog as soon as I start.
  5. Have a weekend getaway: I’m not referring to a weekend whereby you just chill home or go clubbing and hangout with friends. I’m talking about a proper weekend getaway where you are properly cut-off from the world. No phones, no internet, just relax and enjoy the environment. Would love to do this with my best friend (Kenny, whom y’all be meeting real soon) or my boyfriend, whom y’all meet at the appropriate time. Lol. You think I’d just put them out there for you to steal abi? hahaha Joker!!
  6. Learn to swim: when I say I cannot swim to save my own life, I mean it. Due to the fact that I can’t swim, I have somehow developed the phobia for water. So I have to overcome this fear eventually!  Who wants to teach me to swim biko, ep my ministry?
  7.  Be more adventurous
  8. Go on tons of road trips
  9. Have my photo on the cover of a magazine: I really ain’t joking about this one
  10. Have an interview about me published in an A-list magazineHave no idea what to do after turning 21? Check these out! Click To Tweet
  11. Have photo shoots with renowned photographers, makeup artists and stylists
  12. Go on a boat cruise: since I have finally decided to face my water fears, I would love to go on a boat cruise.
  13. Get my workout routine on point and actually stick to it: like seriously! I always start working out and then I just stop along the line. I have tiny abs but I’d like to make them more defined as well as my other bother parts.
  14. Attend different weddings: I know you don’t believe me when I say I haven’t attended up to 5 weddings my whole life. In this Lagos of Owambe. Haaa. It must not be heard. I want to attend different traditional weddings from different tribes and countries.
  15. Be a better Muslim and embrace the hijab: this is something I really need to work on and embrace to the fullest.
  16. Attend dance classes: especially choreography, maybe, I’d post it up on my YouTube channel. Who’s with me? if you happen to be a choreographer or you know one, please let me know. I’m so serious about getting this done!
  17. Grow a small circle of female friends: although I’m not sure how I’d go about this but it’s worth working towards. Would you like to join my circle of friends? Let me know so we could start our link ups!
  18. Work with Nigerian brands: top brands, upcoming brands, all of them, I’m such a sucker for Nigerian brands, like, you have no idea. As a Lagos business and Nigerian brand ambassador, what do you expect! All Nigerian brands I am coming for you! Watch out. Help tag really amazing Nigerian brands and businesses in Lagos you know. You can view these brands here
  19. Get tattoos and piercings just for the fun of it: not sure I might get this done. It’s worth dreaming about.
  20. Win an award
  21. Put myself out there, have fun and live life to the fullest.


This actually wasn’t such a bad list to write. I thought I couldn’t write down what I wanted to do but as soon as I started, the rest just came easy.

Do you have a bucket list, do you have things you’ve done that you would like me to try?

Have you thought of things you want to do that you’d need a buddy for?

I’d love to hear from you and if possible, help tick things off your list.

Do share!!!!


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