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Our no.1 goal with this blog is making it a great resource for people to find style inspirations and discover new places majorly in Lagos, Nigeria… be it restaurants, hotels, resorts, and etc.

Every topic we run has to be of interest to our readers and provide some direct value. If you think you can give us an article/post/resource like that then you’re just the person we’re looking for!

Some great details:

  • How-to posts, Lists, reviews… they are all good as long as they make what’s described above possible
  • Think, Explore what you can do to help the wanderlust community, or what useful piece of info you can share with it.
  • The content needs to be original. As in, never before published anywhere else.
  • I really can’t emphasize this enough, your content cannot violate any copyright laws.

Here are some of our posts (for inspiration):


  • Not more than 1000+ words, please.
  • Images, images, images!
  • Examples, examples, examples!
  • Internal links to other posts on our sites (that way we know you care).
  • Good headings and subheadings.

You get to include a URL link to your website and also your IG handle at the end of your post – just one such link. No keyword-optimized links allowed. Example:

Note. We retain the copyright of every post published on our sites. If approved, you cannot republish your work elsewhere.


We read and go through all submissions. If you send it, we’ll read it! And you’ll get an answer too. However:

  • It might take us 1-2 weeks before we get around to your submission.
  • Please wait at least 3 weeks before resubmitting.
  • Our publication schedule for Guest post is once a week  so you might have to wait up to 2 months  to get your work published. That being said, if we totally love your article, we might rush it through … to, like, next week or so.

Oh, and by the way, make sure to use the word “Bubba” somewhere in your pitch. That way, we are sure you’ve read the guidelines. We’re doing Ctrl+F on all submissions, so if the word isn’t found, your article will not be published.

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