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Tofunmi Disu X Cake Flair Popup Sale 2017

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Tofunmi Disu X Cake Flair Popup Sale || 2017 End Of The Year Clearance

The Tofunmi Disu Popup Sale 2017 was in partnership with Cake Flair. Cake Flair is situated at 19A Olatunde Ayoola Street, Anthony Village, Lagos. The event took place at their venue. Cake flair is a cake house, so to say. They make comfort food such as Ice Cream, Burger, Rock buns, Cakes and Pastries and sell for as low as N250. Feel free to visit their site and also their Instagram account @cakeflair.


  • Mayanga: Instagram @mayanga_ You can read the review I did of the sugar scrubs here
  • Desire 1709 Fashion: Instagram @desire1709fashion. Website and you can also read about my collaboration with the brand here
  • Neat Buttons: Instagram @neatbuttons

Below are unedited pictures from the event

I intentionally decided to use the raw images from the event so you could see how much of a success it was. I just feel like you need to see the real deal.

Have fun going through the pictures!


Desire 1709 Fashion

Neat Buttons

Cake Flair

Tofunmi Disu


I hope you had fun going through the pictures.

Thank you to everyone who attend this event and those that helped in their own way in making this event a success.

Photo Credit: L.C graphics (Instagram)

Tofunmi Disu is already planning another sale for Easter 2018. As you can see this one was successful, the Easter sales is going to be bigger and better with so much more to offer.

If you would love to be a vendor, do fill out the contact form here

Tofunmi Disu
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