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A Road Trip to Olumo Rock || Hiking

Olumo Rock x Tofunmi disu

Hiking In Olumo Rock || A Road Trip

Olumo Rock is located in Abeokuta, Ogun State. It is known as “The Fortress of the Egbas”.  Before we all dive into the history of Olumo Rock, let me tell you about the road trip and how it all began.


How it all began

I reached out to a friend of mine, Grace of Epiphany 29 who is a fellow blogger, about us working together to build our individual brands. Brainstorming on the processes and plans  which we had, travelling was mentioned in between. She mentioned a couple of other bloggers planning a trip to Olumo Rock, although it wasn’t sealed yet. I got on board with the idea as well as accelerated the process.

We couldn’t go on the initial day we planned on because one of us took ill. We then finally decided to go the Sallah weekend (Saturday). In between all the back and forth of planning and preparations, a whatsapp group was birthed and named “Olumo Rock, here we come”. We finally decided to meet at Oshodi Motor Park.

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Olumo Rock D-Day

On this day, we were four! I was the first person to get to Oshodi Motor park. On getting there,I booked car seats for the four of us. Grace met me there while we waited for the other two, Biba of Royal Biba and Lydia of Travel Dose . We actually almost left Lydia behind because we were running late .Lol.

Road Trip

I think we finally embarked on our journey close to 12pm. I had already had an arguement with one of the drivers at the park who felt very entitled to respect all in the name of his being Yoruba and being older than I am. It actual upsets me how people feel entitled to respect but feel it’s okay to disrespect anyone younger than they are all in the name of tribe. *Rant for another day.

Moving forward, our driver was a very chilled young man, who decided to give us some serious mad vibes to make our travelling much more jolly. We got chatty and excited about our trip.

On getting to Abeokuta which means “under the rock’, we got another cab from Kuto park to take us to the Kampala market at Itoku, Abeokuta. Here, I fell in love with a lot of fabrics with unique designs. Grace and Lydia just had to buy fabrics. We spent an hour or more at this market before we finally got a cab to take us to Olumo Rock.

Materials at the Kampala market
Materials at the Kampala market
Tofunmi Disu at the Kampala shop
Tofunmi Disu sitting pretty at the Kampala shop
Tofunmi Disu x Lydia
Tofunmi Disu x Lydia
Tofunmi Disu x Grace
See our face though

History of Olumo Rock

Like I said earlier, Olumo Rock is the fortress of the Egbas since the 19th century. It’s of the height of 137 meters above sea level. The name “Olumo” implies “sufferings and troubles are over”. The people of Egba found refuge in the rocks during the time of inter-tribal wars. They hid in these rocks to replenish their strengths as well as to monitor the movement of their enemies which led to triumph. Olumo Rock is the most significant representation of Egba nationalism. It also symbolizes strength and unity.

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Olumo Rock Experience

Olumo Rock Rock Waterfall
Olumo Rock Rock Waterfall
Olumo Rock Waterfall Plank
Just so you know
Full picture at Olumo Rock
Outfit costs less than N5,000
Waterfall at Olumo Rock
Tofunmi Disu at the Rock water fall in Olumo Rock

On getting there, we paid a gate fee and turned down having a tour guide. Visited the little canteen at the bottom of the hill to get water and drinks. Went ahead to the art and craft center and the mini museum they had.

Finally, we were set to start the serious business of hiking. After climbing the first set of stairs, I was already exhausted, which made me realize how unfit I had become. Stopped half way to take pictures before continuing on the stairs climbing journey.

Tofunmi Disu x Grace by the stairs
Picture Time!
Tofunmi Disu x Olumo Rock
Taking a picture somewhere in the rocks
Olumo Rock view at first landing
Views baby
Views at Olumo Rock
More views baby

Sadly, the stairs were all done and it was time to climb the rocks. At first, I thought easy-peasy until I got to the second stage. At this point, I froze. I happen to be very scared of heights and I literally started crying and almost died of fear until a man came to hold my hands and helped me up. Felt overly fulfilled and overwhelmed with joy when I finally got to the top. I was exhausted though, cause it took a lot of energy.

Statue of warrior who died at Olumo Rock
Statue of warrior who died at Olumo Rock
Statues of warriors who died at Olumo Rock
Statues of warriors who died at Olumo Rock
Tofunmi at the top of Olumo Rock
Tofunmi at the top of Olumo Rock
Sitting at the top of Olumo Rock
We made it! Yaas!

Hiking is something I’m going to definitely do again. Would it be at Olumo Rock? No way. I’m never gonna do that again. Yes it was fun but, nah. I’m good. It was also frightening.

Olumo Rock Expenses Per Person

Cab to Abeokuta from Oshodi – N1,000

Car to Itoku – N100

Itoku to Olumo Rock – N200

Gate fee at Olumo Rock – N1,000 for Adults

I’ll advise you take nothing less than N5,000 with you for your road trip to Olumo Rock. You might find something intriguing you’d want to buy. If you’re on a budget, you need just N5,000.


  1. Plan your road trip ahead of time to give you enough room to pack all you need. This will also prep you mentally for a road trip.
  2. Watch your intake of fluid and what you eat a day before. This is to avoid looking for a bathroom although there’s one at Olumo Rock.
  3. Pack whatever makes you comfortable but remember to travel light.
  4. Make sure to pack your phone, power bank, water to remain hydrated, a snack, headphones and a book.
  5. Go with someone or in a group. It’s much more fun.


  1. Wear something very comfortable and well fitted. Avoid wearing flowing clothes. This would hinder your climb and can cause an accident.
  2. Wear flats, sneakers or sandals. Do not wear heels. This is not some fancy location you go to in heels. You could wear flip flops as well, as long as you take them off when you’re about to start the climb.
  3. Advisable to wear shorts, trousers or leggings.
  4. Do not wear anything heavy.
  5. It’s more advisable to go with a backpack rather than a hand bag. This will enable you free your hands for the climb.


  1. If you do not have the courage to climb the rocks, take the stairs to the top.
  2. If you decide to go the old fashioned way and climb the rocks, please and please, do not run.
  3. Do not push or struggle with anyone. The chances of you falling off the rocks in the process are very high.
  4. Take a bottle of water with you to remain hydrated. Put this in your backpack.
  5. Always make sure your hands are free at all times.

You can read about Grace’s trip here and Lydia’s here


All pieces were gotten from Tom Jones (Lagos Market)

Top – N500

Jeans – N1,500

Sandals – N500

Belt – N200

Bag – N1,500 ( this was from Ketu Market)

Olumo Rock Exit
Thanks for having us. Bye!

Have you ever been to Olumo Rock? How was your experience?

Is there a place you want to go to but would want me to check  out first?

Where is your next travel spot? Would you want more posts like this?

Do let me know in the comment below.


Till next time, remain blessed.

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