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Product Review || Mayanga Exfoliating Body Polish

Product Review || Mayanga Exfoliating Body Polish

Happy Independence Day!!! Hello guys, welcome to my blog.

I usually do not have a skin care routine neither do I even use anything for my skin at all. I heard about Mayanga for the first time through The Blogger Point and I reached out to them on Instagram. After talking to the brand owner, she decided to send me some of her products. Furthermore, I decided to conduct a mini interview and review about the brand which I would be sharing with you.

Interview with Mayanga

How did you come about a name for your brand?

Well, it’s actually a bit odd how I decided to pick that name.

Mayanga is an Efik word. People who have known me for the longest know my love for Palm Oil/Kernel oil. Mayanga signifies that. I don’t know if it’s love or more of an obsession.

Tell me about your brand

Mayanga Exfoliating face and body polish by 4th & Base TM is a natural exfoliation that leaves the skin super-clean, unclogs pores, removes toxins while giving instantly smoother and clearer skin without over-drying it.

Our polishes are all natural and organic. They contain natural humectant that attract and retain moisture, which leaves the skin feeling fresh, polished and extra smooth. It’s natural, so you don’t need to worry about harsh chemical additives.

They are made with lots of love and attention. They smell divine too. We call it “Skin Candy Bar”.

What different products do you have?

We have:

  • Honey-Coco Polish
  • Coffee Polish
  • Turmeric Polish
mayanga x tofunmi disu
mayanga x tofunmi disu

We have four more in the brand but we haven’t introduced them to the public yet. It’s just these three selling for now. We intend to introduce two into the public as soon as we’re done re-branding before the month runs out.

What are the various functions of each of the products on the body? I’m guessing each has it’s own unique function.

Yes, they do have their own individual functions while also sharing similar attributes.

The major function which they all share is sloughing away dead skin while smoothing, softening and brightening.

The Honey-Coco Polish gives a mild glow.

The Turmeric Polish cures acne, fades away dark spots as well as fights wrinkles while brightening the skin.

The Coffee Polish reduces the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins.

How long does it take to see results and how any jars would you recommend?

Well, you start seeing results with your texture immediately. For the acne, spots and others, it usually takes about 1-2 weeks to start seeing improvements.

You have to be patient when using natural skincare products.

I’d recommend one maxi jar for a start, which, is more economical.


Turmeric Sugar Polish

mayanga x tofunmi disu
mayanga x tofunmi disu

I got the Turmeric Sugar Polish initially from the goody bag given out at The Bloggers’ Brunch (view here)

The first thing I did when I opened it was to taste it. I’m not even joking. It smells so good and edible. Please beware, it is not for eating!

Secondly, I took a bath and washed my face. Then, I applied a generous amount on my face in circular motion, left it in for a couple of minutes.

Finally, I rinsed off with cold water. The difference in texture was noticeable. I applied this on my face only, as that’s what I need to work on. It could also be used on other areas of the body.

I could feel my skin become smoother and softer like baby bottom after the very first use.

Although, I don’t really have spots on my face, my face did clear out and brighten up after about a week.

The scrub is yellowish in color. It’s got a very thick liquid consistency with a coarse feel. Let’s just say, you will feel the sugar. In addition, it smooths out easily while applying on the face.

Coffee Polish

mayanga x tofunmi disu
mayanga x tofunmi disu

This was among what was sent to me.

Without even opening it, I could smell the coffee all over the package.

This has got a very strong coffee smell. I’m not a very big fan of coffee but I could still stand the smell.

I took a warm bath to help open up my pores, used a towel to clean up the water but left my skin still a tad bit damp.

I took small quantity of the coffee scrub and applied gradually all over my body. Yes, I used this scrub for my entire body parts, left on for a couple of minutes and rinsed off with cold water.

There was a huge difference in how my skin felt. It felt smoother and the texture was way better.

What I didn’t like about this scrub was the fact that it made my skin really dry and I already have a dry skin.

The scrub is really dark in colour and has got a coarse feel. It’s not as oily as the tumeric sugar polish but it’s got an oil base as well.

Honey Coco Polish

mayanga x tofunmi disu
mayanga x tofunmi disu

Let me just say this is more of a Honey polish than a Coco polish. Anyways, the Coco is very visible in the scrub and trust me, you can’t miss the smell of honey in this.

I used this polish the same way and manner in which I used the Tumeric  sugar polish.

My skin tone evened out and I couldn’t see the little black spots in which I had on my face from one or two pimples in which I didn’t give space to breathe.

I love the texture and it is also oil based. It wasn’t so dry on my skin after use, it was just normal, which, I was happy about!

It’s got a light brown color with a coarse feel caused by the sugar and little Coco particules.


I love all three products but my favourite would be the Tumeric Sugar Polish. I don’t know exactly why, but, it speaks to me and I feel it’s the best for my skin cause I’ve got a dry skin with less spots.

What I didn’t like was how messy it could get during delivery. It spills over the container and I feel that’s because of the sugar rising. Also, the product has no instruction written on it on how it should be used. Lastly, there are no details about the ingredients on the product, which, you might not know if you would be reacting to anything in it but, It’s an all natural product.

Anyways, I would advise you to get the one that bests fits your skin and what you need it to do for your skin.

This definitely, is a product in which I shall continue to make use of and I would recommend to anyone who wants flawless skin.

Each mini jar (120ml) costs N1,500

The main jar (500ml) costs N5,000

My advise would be to get the main jar which is much more economical if you ask me.

Score: 8/10

You can connect with the brand through Instagram: @mayanga_ & Whatsapp : 0811 670 6976

Tell me, have you ever used any of these scrubs listed above?

What was your experience  like?

Would you love to  try any of these? Which would it be?

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2 thoughts on “Product Review || Mayanga Exfoliating Body Polish”

  1. Thank you for the review, Tofunmi. It really means a lot to us here at Mayañga.
    We have also taken note on some of your concerns regarding the mini jars, and trust us when we say we have started working on it. 😃😃
    Thank you once again. Xx.

    1. Don’t mention it! I’m so in love with your products. keep up the good job. Thank you so much for listening and I appreciate the fact that you’re already working on them.

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