MEMOIRES OF MUNA: the beginning of the end

Mémoires of Muna: the beginning of the end

MEMOIRES OF MUNA: the beginning of the end


‘What the f–k is your problem?’,

‘Who the f–k is he?’,

‘And why the hell are you talking to him?’

‘I don’t know this person and you have no f–king right talking to him’,

‘I brought you here and you’re to be by me, instead you are frolicking around, talking to some nigga I don’t bloody know.

‘Why you “got-ta” be such a whore every time?,

‘Everywhere we go you’re someone else’s bitch!’, “Gad dammit”.

After raining that entire tirade of insult on me in public, and me thinking it can’t get any worse, he dealt me a slap that struck on my chicks which made me lose all sense of balance and awareness. The share force of the slap and the explosion in my head made me crash into the metal barricades used to demarcate the regular section from the VIP section.

All of this was happening on an important night. A night I had looked forward to. A night full of so much dreams and goodies, and mine was crashing like a pack of cards. A night, I don’t want to remember for a long time to come. It was 23rd of December, Davido’s Industry night. While fun seekers and loved ones were having a blast, and their gaze fixed at the happenings on stage, right there under the watchful eyes of all, I was dehumanized by my fiancé at the time in public glare, so much for love.

A guy, who profess to love me, one who can’t stand me talking to anybody, One with whom I was willing to spend the rest of my life.

Having lost my balance as a result of the effect of the slap, I take off my heels so I can be balanced and walk properly, so, I walk away so as to gather myself and clean the blood oozing off my hand, as I had sustained some cuts when I fell  into the metal barricades, in the ladies.

“Oh my gosh, did I do that to you? I’m so sorry” he says. I know he loves me and he meant no harm. “It’s okay” I say while I made away. ‘Come here!’, ‘you don’t f–king walk away while I’m talking to you’. He went berserk, runs after me straight into the ladies. Seeing he was hot on my heels, I run into one of the single toilets, shut the door with the last energy left in as most of it had drained out from the slap and humiliation earlier and bolted the door for fear of what might happen next.

Sitting on the toilet seat, it was difficult to breathe, I weep continuously till my head hurt.

How did I get here? I ask myself.

Where did I go wrong?

What went wrong with our relationship?

What happened to the sweet loving guy I fell in love with? Were the questions tumbling out of head and begging for answers.

A few years ago, I relocated to another state. My new experience was different from what I was used to. Most of the time, I kept to myself as this was my first time leaving home and being all by myself.  I shared an apartment with Tomi. She was an epitome of a Naija girl. She sure did know how to live life, as she knew all where, when and the happenings in and around. Nothing went down without her having a hand in it.

Since I was going to be stuck with her for a while, I decided to introduce myself so as to strike a conversation as I haven’t heard that girls have a knack for looking down on any person from out of town. Hi, I’m Memunah but you can call me Muna, I’m from Ogun state, it’s a first of many things for me; it’s the first I’m here in Lagos and away from home, and it is because of school.  Cool city but, crazily noisy not what I am used to in Ogun state. She looked at me funny, we exchanged pleasantries and she left the house while I tried to settle in. I had just gained admission into the University of Lagos which is popularly referred to as “Unilag”. Being far away from home filled me up with trills and excitement, at the same time made me so restless. I was ready to explore the ‘so’ popular and almighty Lagos, being a newbie; I was practically a loner and had no clue of places around me. I knew nobody, except for Tomi my flat mate.

Tomi got back to the house later on in the evening, on getting back, she was accompanied with a bunch of her friends and by the way they spoke, the things they talked about, and  how they carried themselves, they seemed to be the happening girls in town. All dressed in flashy and tiny clothing, everything they had on screamed expensive, spotting designer bags, shoes even their weaves looked anything but cheap. They were the exact opposite of what girls in Ogun State looked like. I admired their looks.  Sitting in the living area, I could hear their discussions loud and clear and what else could they be talking about other than men and the party they had to attend that night. I wanted to know everything going on in school, wanted to be one of the “happening” girls, so deep down inside me, I was happy I shared a flat with someone whose social life was exactly opposite of what mine was; boring and bland.  Although our lifestyles were obviously different, as this was what my parents had warned sternly about, yet I was open to having a good relationship with her.

Muna! Muna!! Muna!!! Tomi called me out to meet her friends. One was friendly and the other one was just being a plain bitch, but, I really wasn’t bothered. We are heading out tonight, would you like to come? Tomi asked. Why not? I replied. I couldn’t contain the joy, it was ridiculously obvious and it just made them laugh at me. I was asked to go get dressed and set to go out. All dressed in the finest I believed I had, I stepped out to join the girls who were already waiting.

Immediately I stepped out, they all burst into laughter. I didn’t know what was going on until Tomi asked where I thought I was going dressed like that. To them, I was wearing a “Mary Amaka” dress. She took me back inside, gave me one of her LBD, (little black dress they say) to wear, for we were almost the same size, she was just a bit bigger than I was but I could fit into her stuff quite well. After that, she made me up and gave me one of her wigs to wear, by the time she was done, I looking at the mirror, it was like I was staring at someone completely different, even though I was sure that was me, my same tiny self. I looked like someone who came out of an A-list Hollywood movie, a super model on the runway and an A-list celebrity all at the same time. At this point, I put on her heels and I felt my confidence rise from zero to a hundred real quick.

Stepping out to join the others standing by the car, they couldn’t believe it was the same person who stepped out of the house about thirty minutes ago. Getting praises, and, love and all the hype from them made me feel on top of the world. We all got into the car and drove out of the house. Tomi was the one driving, in my mind, I was already thinking “hmm Tomi has a car, she can drive, she uses the latest IPhone, everything on point” when the music was turned up to the fullest which brought me back to the fact that I was in a car with girls who smoke and drink and I do neither of these.

On getting to the entrance of the club, I read the name Quilox to myself and it sounded really familiar, then it clicked. I had read it somewhere stating it was one of the biggest clubs in Lagos only for the elite and it was hard to get in. How are we going to get into such a big club like this, we have no money, neither are we celebrities I asked the girls, they all just laughed at me. Tomi picked up her phone and called someone who was inside the club. The next thing I knew, some really tall, dark, body built guy/man, wasn’t sure which he was, came out of the club and towards the car. On getting to the car, he motioned to the bouncers to open the gates and allow us drive in. Immediately the car was parked, Tomi jumped out and kissed this guy. What do I know? I just looked away. What’s my own, is it my kissing? Not wanting it to be obvious, it was the first time I saw people kiss life. Still not sure how we were going to get in, I asked Onyi, one of Tomi’s friends, “be quiet” she said, I just closed my mouth. Tomi and this guy were done and it was time to go in, so I simply followed. “Gbam” just like that, we were inside the club, I felt like screaming and leaping for joy, but the high volume of music inside discouraged as no one would have heard me. So, I had to respect myself. We were taken to the VIP section and were placed at a table that apparently, had been reserved for us. Drinks were brought to the table and what they called “Shisha pot” I had zero idea what that was. Anyways, it smelt really good.

At this point, the guy who brought us into the club was now by the DJ stand “Djing”! I see, no wonder we got all this special treatment. He was the club’s official DJ and his name: Micheal. The next thing I knew, my favorite song came on and I didn’t know when I was on my feet dancing and “booging down”. Do you mind if I dance with you? This was said in the most perfect British accent ever. On looking back, I saw this high class, sophisticated, rich, young looking, amazing, beard gang nigga guy, sorry, words just couldn’t describe him. Yes, my “friends” replied before I could even say anything.

This was the beginning of the end, little did I know.

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