Life Update || Blog break and Update

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Blog Break and Life Update

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Hello there, welcome back to my blog. This post is to serve as an apology on why I have been away for months and also to explain what I have been up to as well as what plans I currently have for the blog. I also want to use this to show appreciation to all my blog readers, considering my absence and inconsistency, you all have remained consistent and loyal. Thank you very much for that. You really are loved and appreciated and I am very grateful.

In this post, I’d be providing answers to questions I have been asked so far.

Life Update

How I spent my last few months?

For the past few months I have been away from my blog, I have used it to reflect on my life and what I want from life and also used it to find myself and who I truly am, especially what resonates with my soul. Although I wouldn’t say I have fully found myself and completely figured out who I am, I can tell you that I have an idea of who I do not want to be and I can also let you know that finding one’s self is a continuous process and never one with an end.

How have things been in general?

I can’t really say that things have been perfect with me or they’ve been overly good. These past few months have been really trying. They’ve been so challenging to the point whereby I withdrew from everyone and everywhere to seek counselling and I am really glad I did. This was one of the major reason why I was away from the blog for so long.

Please if you have a friend whom you believe is always strong and happy, always going out of their way to make sure everyone else is good, or someone who suddenly withdrew and you just didn’t hear from them anymore, please and please, I beg you, do reach out. They might be going through something  which they have no idea how to share. You never can tell.

Happiness || How to be happy this year

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Peep that glow

What kept you busy?

For one, I got a job as a social media manager. Yeah, yeah, it’s not as cool and easy as it sounds. Trust me, it’s way harder/ more challenging than handling your own personal social media handles. I learnt a few things though (on my own), learnt to work with people. There were a lot of disagreements and whatnot but in the end, I’m grateful for the experience.

Also, I decided to go learn sewing and trust me, it’s been fun. I have learnt a lot of lessons there including lessons that have absolutely nothing to do with sewing or clothing. I have the most amazing and patient tutor and although I’d tag myself a fast learner, she’s been pretty amazing. The people I met there as well have become part of my life and they also helped in my learning process. I’m not done learning still and forever will continue learning so as to perfect the act.

No matter what it is you feel you have going on with you, take the time out to do what your heart yearns for. Listen to that teeny weeny voice deep down, somewhere in your head and just do what it says. It’s always right and usually says to you what you need to do at that moment to make you a better person and put you in a better place while you feel good with yourself.


Personally, I am ready for whatever challenges life has to offer for I know that I can take it heads on and prevail. It might take me a while but I shall get it done.

I’m in a better place in life. I have finally decided to do me no matter the circumstance, no matter what anybody has to say. I have decided to go after my dreams one step at a time and not be too hard on myself for not meeting up with 100% of my goals and be grateful for the 70% in which was done.

I’m grateful for the people I have in my life who have been there with me through trying times as well. You all keep me going and you are my back bone.

Learn to breathe, learn to crawl and not run, learn to move at your own pace and avoid being pressured by what another person is doing or what you see being displayed on social media. We all have our own personal races to run. We all came into this world differently. Do remember.

Tofunmi Disu styles little black dress

Blog Update

Between the period of time in which I was away from the blog, I decided to make a couple of changes here on my blog especially what contents I would be putting out and what you, my readers, should be looking forward to.

Oversized Denim Jacket and Life Update


I would be posting up strictly fashion posts which would be giving tips on how to style a fashion piece, where you could get it from, how much it costs among others. Could also give lists of items you should have as well as must haves in your closet to remain fashionable at all times without  needing to break the bank.

Wheres and Wears

This is a fashion infused in travel post. I’d be talking about the “where” which is the place and the “wears” which is the outfit to be worn. This is to shed light on what you could wear to a particular place to help dress appropriately.


This is to talk about tourist locations as well as off the grid locations which you can visit. Would be telling you about the costs, the experience, the environment, ambiance, activities and so much more.

In all of this, I hope you stick around and experience life with me. I hope to help you learn one or two things from my post. Like Davido would say; “we rise by lifting others”. This is my own little way of doing so, by shedding more light and sharing my experience.

Until my next post on Monday, remain blessed!

Tofunmi Disu x Black dress

Tofunmi Disu blog Update
Dress – @tofunmidisutribe (IG) Shoes – Steve Madden Purse – @dokaskollections (IG)

Have you ever been away from something you love for so long? 

What were your reasons?

Ever been in a bad place? How did you deal with it ?

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