Happiness || How to be happy this year

Happiness overload

Happiness || How to be happy this year

Happiness. To start with, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about Depression and how I was going through a lot of things. I got really amazing feedback from people, some left a comment, got emails, some decided to give me a call and some went out of their way to meeting up with me in person.

Now, I’m back with a post on how to truly be happy. What I would be listing below are tested ways in which I have grown from a depressed young lady to a really happy person. I hope these help.

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Happiness guide

  1. Look at my pictures: You really can’t tell me that looking at these pictures of me being goofy doesn’t make you happy. It might not be forever but it sure does work.

On a more serious note

Admit that there’s a problem

The first thing you have to do is to accept the fact that you are not happy. This way, you no longer live in denial and can actually find a solution to what really is wrong.

Call for help

Reach out to people, talk about what the problem is, talk about what has caused you sorrow, discuss what has caused you pain. Tell someone what you really want. The person might not be able to provide an immediate solution but trust me, you instantly feel way better after talking.

It’s okay to cry

Yeah, you read that right. Cry, cry it all out. If you want, take an entire day off and cry. This only means you’re human. It means you have feelings and that you have admitted to yourself what went wrong. You have accepted that it happened already and there’s nothing you can do to change it. Crying shows that you are ready to move on and truly find happiness.

Happiness is a state of the mind

It’s true. Make up your mind. Say to yourself “I am optimistic, I’ll always be happy, I’ll find happiness in everything I do” and believe it. It works and it does wonders.

Do things you truly enjoy doing

Things that no one has to beg you to do. Activities that while you’re at it, you don’t know when time flies. Things that you can do all year round.

Avoid being alone most times

Surround yourself with positive people. People that are happy, people that are outgoing. Happiness is contagious if I may say so myself. Make sure you always have people around you or at least one person.

Just do you!

To be honest, nobody can give you tips on how to find happiness, it all lies in your hands. All you have to do is decide to be happy no matter what. It really does help.

I hope this has lightened up your mood in a way.

If you’ve got tips on how to find happiness, do share.

Until next time, remain Fabulous and on Fleek (#fabandfleek)

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