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Style || Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu

Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu

Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu

Desire1709 is one of the top fashion retailers that offers a wide range of fashion products. They’ve got items such as skinny jeans, cocktail dresses, office wears, party wears, jewelry, bags and so many others. Before I continue, hello loves, welcome back to my blog! As you can see, I’m so excited about today’s post.

It’s not one of them serious posts, it’s just a look-book in collaboration with my favorite fashion store Desire1709. If you haven’t heard about them, you are on a long thing.

This store has got amazing and unique pieces in which I can guarantee you will hardly find somewhere else.

Anyways, to avoid any long story and so you can call my bluff, have a look at a few pieces from them below and how I styled some of their pieces.


Desire1709 Chic Boss

For this look, I styled the Peplum pants from the store with a crop top and a blazer.

It’s a playful yet corporate look in the sense that, it’s something you could wear to work during the day and easily switch it up for a night-time with the girls or even date night.

To wear this outfit to work, it really depends on where you work and how lenient their dress code is. If the dressing code for your work place isn’t so strict, you can simply leave the blazer unbuttoned but, if you have some strict rules, I beg of you, please buttoned up so you wouldn’t say it was Tofunmi Disu that got you fired from work!

Also, due to the fact that these pants are black, you can style them anyway in which you feel comfortable with.

Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu
pants – desire1709, crop top – DIY, purse – gifted, blazer – random store
Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu
Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu

For the Love of stripes

I so love these stripped pants, firstly, for the fact that these are so comfortable. Secondly, they are free and not snug. Lastly, the colors of the stripes are just very catchy

These pants could be worn however you deem fit!

I decided to style these pants with a crop top. Don’t say I like crop tops too much. But yeah.

Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu
Striped Pants- Desire1709, Crop Top- Porsher (Instagram), heels- Forever 21
Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu
Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu

Simplicity is key

For me, it was the colors on the dress that made me fall in love with it. Also, how very easy it is to style.

You really don’t need worry about how to wear this, just put it on and you are good to go.

You could style with or without a jacket, with heels or with flats, depending on your mood.

If you want, you could as well turn this dress into a top and wear a skirt on it, and voila, you’re good to go!

I just really love the simplicity of this dress. If you know me, you’d know I’m all for minimalist fashion.

Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu
Dress- Desire1709, Purse- gifted, Heels- Steve Madden
Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu
Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu
Desire1709 Cherry Two Piece

Woop woop, this two piece is a must have I tell you.

It’s a cherry two piece outfit which, obviously, is easy to style.

You could wear it as it is, you could style them differently or, you could style as I have by wearing a body hug long sleeve top underneath the shirt.

For my tomboy nature, I decided to style with sneakers and not heals. This way, I can easily run around and harass people in peace.

Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu
Two Piece- Desire1709, White top- Lagos market, Shoes- gifted
Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu
Desire1709 x Tofunmi Disu

So people, that would be it for this post. I decided to make it short and nothing too long or boring. I hope you liked this.

Also, remember in this post I mentioned something about working with Nigerian brands. Well this is a Nigerian brand. If you haven’t read the post, do check it out.

To connect with Desire1709, Instagram – @desire1709fashion Website – Click here Numbers – 08029348245 (online) and 08141290684 (instore) You could also visit them at shop 22 LSDPC complex shitta bus stop Surulere Lagos.

Pictures by Image Wonders (Instagram)

Which of these outfits do you like best?

Have you ever gotten anything from the Desire1709 store?

Feel free to tag them on Instagram.

Also, they are about to launch their website, do go on there and subscribe to stand a chance to win free clothes for a year! Yes, you read that right.

Let me know if you would like another post like this. Also, if you have any brand you would want me to work with, please feel free to reach out and let me know. 

You can also view my very first style post here 

Thank you.

Sorry I have been away, I’m back in school and I have had a lot of challenges settling in and also, the network here is horrible. I would try to continue my posts on a regular basis. If I don’t post anything up on Thursday, be sure to check back on Sunday. 

Thank you for your understanding and continuous love.

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