The Tofunmi Disu Blog was launched in 2017 which majorly brings lifestyle in Lagos into limelight. It also serves as a personal style blog with the aim of inspiring and connecting with people. On the blog, you would find amazing things and places to be in Lagos, snippets into my life, experiences, journey and my personal style. The main aim of this blog is to help promote the Lagos lifestyle, Nigerian brands and to help you have a more fun filled life. Just see this as your guide through living in Lagos.


Mariam Disu is the brains behind the blog. She is a lady who is in love with the amazing Lagos city and all things Fashion. She is young, beautiful, energetic, adventurous and just knows how to explore and bring out the highlights of Lagos. 

She doesn’t want perfection but content. She can brighten your day with her smile. She lives, laughs and cries too. She also, happens to be a sucker for romance who enjoys the littlest of things in life. She is a sentimental woman.

She views her lifestyle as simple and outgoing. Her style, minimalist and semi tomboy, a classic, nothing too extravagant nor expensive, both (style and lifestyle) very affordable. She gets inspired by the things she sees on a day to day basis on the streets and also the social media.

She loves to encourage people to push on and fight for what they believe in no matter their current situations by using tales from her life to show that they are not alone in their life challenges and she is also not perfect.

She loves the world and embraces all it has to offer and encourages you to do the same!